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Uchiha Itachi
29 July 2006 @ 03:55 pm
Hidan is officially my new hero. ♥ A little belated, but the Akatsuki has doughnuts once more!

I spoke to Deidara about that rabbit, he/she/it was hiding it in the spare room downstairs. I've taken it into custody; Haku, we should meet up later and you can tell me if it's yours. :3 I do hope it's Sir Nib-Nib.

Kisame and I went out to the lake earlier today and rented a rowboat. It rained a little while we were out, but all in all it was a nice time. Kisame spent a great deal of time rocking the boat, however, trying to catch glimpses of the fish. =/ I tried to tell him he wasn't going to see anything though that murky water, but he wouldn't listen. He ended up tipping the boat, but luckily I noticed we were going over before he did and used my chakra to keep on top of the water. Kisame, however, was soaked. Serves him right.

Otouto and Naru-chan, we should get together later to work out some of these days we've got set up and such~ Give me a call.

Now then, Mr. Sprinkles is meowing at my door--perhaps he wants a powdered doughnut as well...
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Uchiha Itachi
29 July 2006 @ 01:59 am
I shall have to make this a quick post, Mr. Sprinkles is presently pawing at the hem of my cloak. ): He really is an adorable kitten, but he has not the patience to wait ten extra seconds for his kitty crunchies. The poor dear. *pets him*

The last Akatsuki meeting was a bit of a bummer. :P Deidara never did bring those doughnuts, either. (I'd only reminded him/it/her about seven times. Lord. Nobody listens to me anymore, since that whole incident at Yaoi-con.)
Tobi is officially an Akatsuki member, due to Sasori's rather unfortunate death. We've teamed him up with Deidara in hopes that some form of random violence occurs. Hopefully we should have another space up for grabs soon.

I really must remember in the next meeting to bring up the fact that this nail polish chips horribly. I think I'm going to take up Sasu-chan's request and just ditch it all together. If Sir Leader has a problem with that, he can talk to his ominous shadows about it. D<

I shall ask Deidara about Sir Nib-Nib first chance tomorrow, Haku, and let you know what I find out. :3

Otouto-chan, remember to ask Naruto about Twister and going to Victoria's--I've missed you terribly and it would be nice for the three of us to spend some quality time together again.
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